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Software engineering

Eonum develops software tailored to your needs. Usability and customer benefit are at the forefront, which is why you have a direct say throughout the development process.

Lean and modern technologies, platform independence and the use of open source software have a high priority for us. Thanks to a small, interdisciplinary team and agile methods, our development is close to the user. We aim to understand our customers’ problems and implement them promptly.

The focus of our expertise is on data-based applications. With the appropriate technology, we offer assistance in the collection, cleansing and analysis of data. Depending on the requirements, we use modern machine learning methods and conventional technologies such as relational databases, statistics and domain specific languages.

Get to know some of our own projects. Some of them are also available to you free of charge as open source software:

  • MedCodeSearch: Intelligent search engine of various medical catalogues (DRG, ICD, CHOP, Tarmed, outpatient flat rates, MiGeL, analysis list, drugs). Please also read our blog posts on the project and its expansion (only in German available).
  • Grouperserve: Microservice for the SwissDRG Grouper, designed as a REST JSON API via HTTP/HTTPS using the Java framework Spark.
  • Webgrouper: Simulation grouper for grouping recorded patient contacts in the context of the development of outpatient flat rates of the OAAT AG (formerly solution tarifaires suisses AG).
  • GeopitalSuisse: Clear presentation of various key figures of the Swiss hospital landscape on the basis of the Swiss map. Learn more about this in our blog post (only in German and French available).
  • DRGdynamics: Visualisation of the changes in MDCs, base DRGs and DRGs over the annual SwissDRG versions. Find more information on the comparison of different SwissDRG versions here (only in German available).
  • Casematch: Web-based platform and basis of various applications for processing and analysing medical coding and billing data in both the inpatient and outpatient sectors.
Contact us today with your request. We look forward to getting to know you and your needs and designing a customised software solution for you.

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