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In a joint project with the University of Bern, eonum has developed a new online search interface for medical catalogs (ICD – International Classification of Diseases, CHOP – The Swiss procedure classification based on ICD9-CM and SwissDRG, the Swiss system for Diagnosis Related Groups and many other catalogues as well). The new search service can be found at medcodesearch.ch. The focus was on a simple, user-friendly operation to find the relevant codes directly.

eonum has developed the search backend that is also used in other products such as Casematch. The search is fault-tolerant and includes synonyms and inclusiva in the CHOP and ICD search as well as codes relevant for grouping in the DRG search. Through stemming formulations are found that do not correspond exactly to the catalog wording (e.g. “pregnant” –> “pregnancy”). The backend is designed as a simple RESTful API with JSON over HTTPS and can be found on https://search.eonum.ch. The interface can be directly used by third-party developers. We appreciate it, if you contact us before the integration.

The frontend on medcodesearch.ch was implemented by a group of computer science students of the University of Bern during a practical training in Software Engineering (PSE 2017). The frontend is available as open source software on https://github.com/eonum/medcodelogic-frontend. Special thanks at this point to all the developers.

Modern web technologies have been used with AngularJS and Bootstrap. A simple responsive design allows an efficient search – also on mobile devices. With extensive usability tests at SwissDRG AG and at the coding division of the Inselspital Bern, the user-friendliness could be improved significantly.