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Consulting Applications Tariff system

Many tariff systems in the Swiss healthcare system are renewed regularly, often even annually. In order to take into account the needs of different players in the health care system and to be able to integrate important know-how on current medical developments, various application procedures have been established. Eonum offers various consulting services on applications in the tariff system.

Within the framework of the various application procedures, you can directly influence the tariff structure. For example, you can apply to adjust the reimbursement of a medical product, a specific procedure, one or more diagnoses or entire specialties.

In the inpatient sector in particular, the SwissDRG AG application procedures for the SwissDRG, TARPSY and ST Reha tariff structures are well established and much used. You can benefit from our extensive experience in all application procedures. Rainer Müller, MD, one of our employees, used to process precisely these applications for SwissDRG AG and knows the requirements for a successful application accordingly well. The CHOP application procedure has also been an important component of tariff development for years. Since all procedures are coded with CHOP codes, this can indirectly influence all inpatient tariff structures (and soon also the outpatient flat rates). Find out more about the individual application procedures on the corresponding offer pages or contact us today with your request.

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