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Consulting Outpatient flat rates

It is expected that from 2025 onwards, part of the outpatient services will be billed via outpatient flat rates. So it is high time to prepare yourself accordingly! Eonum offers you a comprehensive range of consulting services so that you have the most important information at your disposal within the shortest possible time.

With the help of our Casematch software, OAAT AG (formerly solutions tarifaires suisses AG) is developing the new flat rate per case system (only in German available). Accordingly, we are directly involved in it and know about the current developments at all times. Benefit from this knowledge advantage!

We already offer simulations of future remuneration based on your current service (TARMED and other tariffs) and cost data. We simulate the new case definition by splitting your current outpatient cases into individual patient contacts. These patient contacts are then grouped using the latest version of the outpatient flat rates. From this data, we calculate a possible starting price (base rate) for your institution in accordance with the specifications of the tariff structure agreement. Furthermore, you will receive information on the degree of flat rates and the coverage of individual specialties. With this information, you are optimally prepared for the income situation, possible base rate negotiations and the adjustment of service recording and billing. Learn more about the process of a simulation in our blog post on the topic or on our offer page on data analyses in the healthcare sector.

In addition to the simulation of your future earnings situation, we also offer you other services related to outpatient flat rates. In workshops, we can optimally prepare you and your staff for the new tariff system. The further development of the tariff will now be open to external input. We will therefore be happy to advise you on CHOP applications (CHOP codes will be part of the new coding) and the future application procedure for outpatient flat rates.

Contact us today with your questions about the outpatient flat rates – we will be happy to help you and prepare you optimally for the new outpatient tariff.

For our counselling and analysis services, we use our own Casematch software. You can use this software too – find out more about it and get in touch with us!

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You can find out more about the outpatient tariffs of the Swiss healthcare system and the current developments concerning TARMED, TARDOC and the outpatient flat rates in our knowledge section on outpatient tariffs.

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