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Consulting Outpatient Tariffs

There is currently a lot of movement in the outpatient tariffs of the Swiss healthcare system. The outdated fee-for-service tariff TARMED is to be replaced by the new fee-for-service tariff TARDOC and the new outpatient flat rates from 2025. These changes raise numerous questions for many companies in the healthcare sector. We are happy to support you with our consulting in the area of outpatient tariffs.

As a development partner of OAAT AG (formerly solutions tarifaires suisses AG), Eonum is directly involved in the process and has extensive knowledge of the current developments. The outpatient flat rates are developed with the help of our software. You can therefore benefit from our knowledge advantage here. Find out more about our consulting services on the following pages or contact us directly.

You can find out more about the outpatient tariffs of the Swiss healthcare system and the current developments concerning TARMED, TARDOC and the outpatient flat rates in our knowledge section on outpatient tariffs.

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