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Reference projects

eonum AG has already carried out a wide range of projects for various clients. Below is a list of some reference projects:


By providing a development environment for outpatient flat rates as well as the Webgrouper we support OAAT AG in the development of outpatient flat rates.

As experts of the inpatient classification system in Switzerland, we are the main contact for Gilead for any questions regarding the SwissDRG system. We have also carried out market entry analyses and further data evaluations for them.

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The DRG case number search is a web-based tool that we developed for the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). The aim of the application is to show interested persons in a simple and intuitive way how the distribution of flat rates per case looks like at hospital level in Switzerland.

We have developed the online definition manual for Swiss DRG AG.

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International consulting

In the joint project with the Worldbank and the government of Kazakhstan (“KAZAKHSTAN HEALTH SECTOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND INSTITUTIONAL REFORM PROJECT”) DRG and IT experts from eonum have been involved in the sub project “Development and institutional sustainability of health policy analysis, provider payment system and strengthening single payer capacity” in the years 2012 – 2015.

With DRGDynamics, we have developed a tool that clearly visualises how the MDCs, base DRGs and DRGs change over the annual SwissDRG versions. This is intended to provide an intuitive insight into the dynamics of the learning system SwissDRG. Please also read our blog.

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We support the SwissDRG AG team in the development of the TARPSY tariff structure for the reimbursement of Swiss psychiatric inpatient performances. Data preparation, cleaning and analysis as well as the calculation of cost weight models are parts of the project that we are involved. In addition, we are responsible for the grouper software and IT interfaces.

The Insel Gruppe has trusted us for several years and actively uses the software Casematch aktiv in the areas of medical controlling of daily coding work as well as retrospective controls.

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The GZO Wetzikon actively uses the software Casematch in the areas of medical controlling of the daily coding work, as well as in retrospective controls.