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qm1.ch – Hospital comparison platform

qm1.ch is a hospital comparison platform by Qualitätsmedizin Schweiz that was implemented and developed by eonum. On the qm1.ch platform doctors and interested people have the possibility to draw information about case numbers, quality and infrastructure features of Swiss hospitals in different fields. The figures are all extracted from public sources (Federal Office of Public Health, Federal Statistical Office, ANQ, H+, hospital websites etc.). You can find the hospital comparison platform at qm1.ch.

Different than other hospital comparison platforms qm1.ch does not publish a ranking. The “Best Hospital” does not exist. We recommend rather to choose a hospital according to your own criteria together with a doctor or your person of trust. On qm1.ch the hospitals are sorted geographically and depending on the actual or the entered location to avoid a questionable ranking.

To better understand and evaluate the chances and risks, qm1.ch provides you with relevant information from reviewed hospital and quality figures. Critical figures are highlighted to provide an additional indicator for a problem area in this particular hospital.

The platform is developed gradually. Other data sources and comparisons follow. In future, it will also be possible to find doctors and as a doctor to sign in and to manage your own profile.

We offer additional individual analysis and raw data as a service to interested people and companies. For this purpose, please contact us on arzt@qm1.ch.

You can find more information on Qualitätsmedizin Schweiz at qualitätsmedizin.ch.